Liqui-Cel Contractors began in the 1980s, and over the past few decades have evolved in one of the leading manufacturers and developers of gas and liquid transfer machinery.


Liqui-Cel Products


lc1  Liqui-Cel Contactors

The heart of a Liqui-Cel system is a contactor. The function of a contactor is to facilitate gas exchange between a liquid and a gas stream. Utilizing the principles described in Henry’s law, a targeted gas can be removed or added to a fluid stream via the large “contact” area incorporated into the device. Common applications include O2 or CO2 removal from water which is typically done by chemical injection or forced draft towers.


lc2  SuperPhobic Contactors

SuperPhobic contractors use extremely hydrophobic hollow fibers and are intended for use with low surface tension fluids such as ink jet printing inks or developers.


lc3  MicroModule Debubbler

MicroModule Debubbler contractors are the smallest degassing device, that uses a revolutionary technology that packs a high membrane surface area into a small footprint.


lc4  Liqui-Cel Systems

At Chisholm we design and build systems which incorporate contactors into your process. Our systems range from fully automated, PLC controlled units with self contained vacuum to simple systems utilizing house air.

We will work with you to define your target dissolved gas levels, then design a system to meet that spec. Systems can incorporate multiple contactors in parallel (providing predictable scale up) and in some cases will use contactors in series (for extremely low dissolved gas specs or to perform two separate unit operations.



Meeting Pure Steam Requirements in the Pharma Industry.pdf


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Degasification of Boiler Feed Water with Liqui-Cel Membrane Contactors.pdf

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