Kinney Vacuum Pumps

Tuthill Vacuum and Blower Systems (TVBS) manufacture Kinney vacuum pumps for every industry and application, from agriculture to the medical field.  DL Thurrott, Inc. can provide standard packages and custom solutions for our customers.

Kinney Vacuum has been a leader in the vacuum pump industry for 100 years. In 1926 Kinney developed a vacuum pump for use in large commercial operations. These pumps helped change the face of America by making it possible to mass-produce light bulbs, radio tubes, equipment for refrigeration, air conditioning and a host of other products, all at high speed.

With its Kinney Vacuum line, Tuthill Vacuum and Blower Systems (TVBS) serves industries as diverse as plastics, refrigeration, automobiles, jewelry, and semiconductors. In addition, TVBS targets specific industries such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food packaging and vacuum furnaces where the ruggedness and durability of Kinney products are highly valued.