Roper Progressive Cavity Pumps

Roper Pump Company has been manufacturing Progressing Cavity Pumps since 1972, and the time-tested equipment operates in wastewater applications and a broad range of industrial applications: environmental technology, food processing, chemical manufacturing, pulp and paper, and petroleum production to name a few. The advantages of PC technology have made these pumps the favored solution for difficult conveying problems. Among the advantages of a Roper PC pump are:

• Pulsation free pumping
• Application versatility
• High suction lift capabilities
• Gentle pumping action so that very little shear is imparted to the liquid being pumped
• Ability to handle low or high viscosity products with or without solids
• Minimal maintenance with wear resistant, hardened and easily replaceable universal joint parts
• Rotors are chrome plated for longer service life on abrasive fluids
• Flows are directly proportional to the speed, for easy pumping control
• Pressure stability over a wide speed range
• Ideal for metering applications