American Air Filtration

Featuring Nelior® , AAF’s patented PTFE media, we offer a broad range of high efficiency air filtration products including , ceiling grids, modules and hoods that meet the highest requirements of ultra-clean air.  These products are compatible with current integrity test methodologies. and also provide energy savings due to better flow characteristics.

Looking to prevent corrosion due to gaseous contamination?  Protect critical control room components? Eliminate odors?  Prevent the degradation of historic documents?  AAF has the proprietary adsorptive media blends that can match your contaminant profile.  We also offer appropriate monitoring equipment to ensure your system is operating effectively.

Do you have a filter which requires frequent replacement?  Are you looking to reduce the tremendous energy costs associated with HVAC systems?  AAF offers filters to retrofit almost any standard housing and can offer tremendous advantages in filter life and energy consumptions.  Ask us to do a Life Cycle Valuation to see what we are  talking about!.

Variety of filtration products for cleaning the air in commercial, industrial and residential HVAC systems.