Benefits of a Compressed Air System Audit

With rising energy prices and an increased push to ‘go green’, the performance and efficiency of your compressed air systems is more critical than ever. Reduced energy consumption can help you save money while simultaneously decreasing your company’s environmental impact. Therefore, it’s highly recommended you hire an expert to do a full evaluation of the current operating practices and system performance at your plant. With this information, you will be able to make informed decisions on ways to increase system performance and reduce energy costs.

A thorough examination of your compressed air system will aid in the identification of potential improvements. Pressure loss can be caused by restrictions in your plumbing caused by sizing errors or aging pipes with rust and scale buildup. Examining your peak use hours can reveal potential modifications in your production process that can help lower demand. An audit will ensure that your facility has the proper storage capacity to avoid excessive compressor cycling and to satisfy peak demand periods. Your control systems will also be examined as part of a comprehensive study. Control systems that are poorly designed can result in the operation of too many compressors or at greater pressures than are required. Both factors have a significant impact on your energy usage and costs. An audit will reveal any flaws in your system’s controls and overall design.

Most individuals are unaware of how much it costs to run their system and how this affects their manufacturing process and quality. Once you’ve done a compressed air system audit, you’ll have a clear picture of what the true costs are. Then you can think about cost-cutting or other potential enhancements and modifications. You’ll save money and energy while also lowering your carbon D.L. Thurrott if you have any questions regarding our Air Audit Services, and we’ll be pleased to help you get the most out of your compressed air system.