Ways to Improve Your Compressed Air System Energy Efficiency

Often times, air compressors are on the largest energy consumers in a plant. Finding ways to improve their efficiency can greatly impact your bottom line, saving you both time and money. Below are a few ways you may be able to reduce energy consumption:

Repair Leaks

Compressed air system leaks put an unnecessary load on the compressor, which requires more energy use and maintenance. Leaks can use 20–30% of your total air demand and cost you thousands of dollars in wasted energy each year if you don’t have a good air leak maintenance program in place. 

Air Energy Audits

A professional air audit can help you find considerable cost reductions by measuring your current flow rates, energy consumption, and operating pressure. You may be able to improve your compressor’s efficiency by evaluation how your compressors are controlled or whether additional storage is required. Every time changes have been made to your plant that could affect your compressed air system, an air audit should be conducted.

Utilize Wasted Heat

Heat is produced naturally when air is compressed. Although most of this heat is lost, it can actually be collected and put to good use, such as heating a warehouse or producing hot water for cleaning.

Reduce Air Pressure

Less pressure means less energy.   The Compressed Air & Gas Institute estimates that you can save about 1% in energy use for every 2 psi reduction. Check that your system is not operating at a higher pressure than necessary or requiring more pressure due to a leak.

Have a Maintenance Routine

Routine maintenance can prevent expensive repairs, inefficient operation, and even equipment failure. A good strategy to safeguard your investment and increase savings is to follow a consistent preventative maintenance routine. Your equipment will operate more effectively and lower total cost of ownership if you routinely change its filters and lubricants and have it properly inspected.

Don’t Waste Energy

Using an air compressor as a blower to clean or a fan to cool is an inefficient use of energy. Often times, these tasks can be done in a much more economical way. Make sure employees are educated on proper uses of air compressors.

Our team wants to make sure your compressed air system is performing as efficiently as possible. Let one of our highly trained technicians perform an air audit to help you identify potential cost saving solutions. Give us a call today to see how we’re equipped to support your business.